January 31, 2012

Fonts in Eclipse Project Explorer

First of all thanks to all the developers of Eclipse and related projects, I've been using it for years now, it's hard to imagine working on a software project without it.
In the previous post, I've described how I created a desktop shortcut for Eclipse. After successfully running it I've found the font used in the Project Explorer looking beautiful, but way too big.
Here's a couple possible solutions - I've successfully tested overwriting the theme settings for Eclipse:


January 30, 2012

Desktop Icons in Ubuntu 11.10

Here's a good one:
I wanted to create an application 'Shortcut' on my desktop to fire up Eclipse.
Coming from the (shame on me) m$ windows desktop world, I couldn't figure it out how, then after some google search, found this article, and guess what, it works :)


Lame welcome post

Welcome to Tom's Virtual Adventures!

First of all, sorry to disappoint, but this blog is about my adventures in the virtual world of computers, not something mysterious, mind blowing experience you may have expected.
I try to collect random useful - or not that useful - info, articles, blog posts, links, etc. which helped me to survive in my own cyberspace. Please feel free to browse, comment, re-post, whatever, this is not a private diary but a collection of bits 'n pieces.
Have fun in life,